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We are all licensed psychologists with over 20 years of experience working with executives from a wide range of organizations, coaching and developing leaders from the most prominent organization in Denmark and around the world.

Our themes range from being very specific about a challenging collaboration (e.g., with direct reports, colleagues, or the organization’s leadership), to focusing on how to navigate in an organization with diverse interests, personalities, and backgrounds. Our coaching sessions also discuss how to accomplish massive professional success, position oneself for the best opportunities, and how to make the right career choices at the right time and not stand in your own way. Many of our coaching sessions also revolve around the personal side, and include life choices, life quality, life doubts, stress, family, how to design a life we love to live, and more.

Our role as business psychologists is to listen, summarize, and support our clients. We create reflection through questions and we are always on our client’s side. We are also always open about our own thoughts and strive to advise our clients based on our experiences with thousands of successful executives. At the end of the day, we know all about what great leadership is and what it takes to be a great leader and our goal is to impart that wisdom to you and your organization.

Our primary goal is to always help our clients get insights into themselves, their own thinking and feelings, their strengths, the challenges they are facing, and how to create new and better strategies for being a great leader with a high quality of life.

All coaching sessions are by phone/virtually and in Danish or English.

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