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The future is already here

Lead Next Generation is a Danish founded leadership consulting company with a global and futuristic mindset owned by Business Psychologist, Mirja Olesen, who partners with several other specialists in the field, eg. strategists, management consultants, psychologists, innovators, researchers.

Lead Next Generation cooperates with clients, who are ambitious leaders, executives, employees or consultants on how to create even more agile organisations with high readiness and competencies in leading the next generation of employees and products.

The greatest business challenge right now is all about how to lead innovation and drive change. The future is already here.

  • Online Relationships

    1 in 5 couples meet online

  • Exponential change

    In 10 years 40% of Fortune 500 companies will no longer exist

  • Digital natives

    53% of millenials would rather lose their sense of smell than their technology

  • Peer Importance

    90% of consumers trust peer evaluations of products

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" Albert Einstein

Our Expertise

How to lead innovation and drive change

What we always aim for

1. The customer experience must be seen outside-in, developed bottom-up, but executed top-down.
2. Leaders must get so close to the next generation of customers and employees that they understand them better than they understand themselves.
3. The physical experience and the digital must be seamless and unnoticed for both customers and employees.
4. Customer service, the business and IT must collaborate on developing new services and products.
5. Leaders must be able to lead with the new generation’s mindset.

Digital Leadership

Digital strategy is the new black in most executive teams. Management acknowledges that standing still will get them killed, and that the rise of the digital age; social media and “The Internet of Things” is a game changer.

However, simply embracing and mastering technology to stay competitive is not the answer. All organizations have to be ready to reevaluate their entire game plan, to disrupt and reinvent themselves. Additionally, we see organizations are challenged when it comes to converting digital strategy to real organizational changes. In general, it’s due to lack of clarity of the actually behavioral changes entailed in the digital strategy, but just as often digital leadership is overlooked. Too many times we map and make decisions on new processes and call it change. But if the people of the organization don’t change, all we will have is the illusion of change. For instance, introducing ‘collaborative software’, that enables people to share knowledge and ideas virtually and at a distance will not create collaboration per se, or transform an individualistic culture into a gregarious collaborative. For that we need a behavioral and cultural change and leaders in charge who masters change in a digital context. Digital strategy takes digital leadership. Research shows that organizations who excel in both dimensions, mastering technology and digital leadership are 26% more profitable than their industry peers. We need to integrate leadership into digital strategies.

We help leaders:
• Define the human behavioral change in a digital strategy
• Map the human factor in a digital strategy
• Involve employees in realizing the digital strategy
• Stay focused on the digital change agenda

Lead Innovation

We believe that innovation is for everybody, but someone has to take charge. Although innovation and new ideas are welcomed from all over the organization and not just R&D and top management, truth is they rarely do.

Unless management makes a deliberate effort to direct and facilitate innovation, it is likely nothing extraordinary will happen. Innovation requires both, “hard” management skills and “soft” leadership skills. Chances of great innovation are multiplied with leaders in charge who can plan, structure, direct, and at the same time establish high trust and energy, facilitate others to discover, and think the unseen and unthinkable. Sadly enough, we’re still stuck in a managerial-focused world where most leaders are too busy defining and following up on KPI’s, leaning and implementing top down change initiatives. Short on breath, blinds spots and new opportunities are left untouched, and customers and delegates are not truly involved in real innovation. This is a gap that is missing out on tomorrow’s competitive advantage. Too busy with fast execution, we neglect to lead employees into the slower mind processes, where we observe, ask questions, explore, play, fail, reflect and learn. Research has shown that managers still monitor 3 times more than needed post crisis. It’s time to sharpen the skill set of leading innovation and reestablish the leadership approach. To lead innovation is a deliberate effort every day.

We help leaders:
• Build an innovative culture, where innovation is encouraged and supported
• Facilitate reflection and double loop learning
• Collect stories and knowledge from managerial blind spots
• Create a truly customer-centric organization
• Make small decisions with huge impact

Re-thinking Leadership

Leadership is not the same as it used to be. It has become less about powerful men in dark business suits shaking hands, making contracts, declaring must-win battles, burning platforms and other military lingo.

Driving an organization with war metaphors simply does not match the new generation of millennial employees who were brought up with Steve Job’s and Mark Zuckerberg’s life philosophy, and for whom “follow your passion” and “the digital sharing economy” are fundamental values. Thus, for leadership to be successful, we have to rethink leadership and leave the old industrial paradigm behind. To lead now means more than ever that we have something to give the world that will make it better, and that we need to take responsibility for more than ourselves. New leadership is all about vision, and a burning desire to create, share, learn, grow and make a meaningful difference. This new way of leading is still a youngster, but the competitive advantage in aiming for mastery and contribution is high and growing. This requires a whole new way of leading, where leaders are aware of themselves, their values, strengths and weaknesses, and are curious about how to lead the next generation. It take leaders who can dissolve power distances and bureaucracy in organizations, and instead build a flexible “holacrazy”, that continuously adapts and reinvent their products and services.

We help leaders:
• Feel the desire that brought them into leadership
• Know themselves: value systems, strengths, weaknesses, and strategies to manage themselves in the new era
• Design their life and work in accordance with own values
• Develop millennial leadership that speaks to the millennial employee mindset

Next generation

We can be outraged by the new generations tendency to question purpose of delegated assignments, their constant status upload of what they had for breakfast to social media, their thirst for praise and “like”-hunting, their

expectations of fast promotion and inclusion in executive decision making. Or we can curiously deep dive into a new psychological era of how people best collaborate, use technology, get passionate about their job, and end up with a huge competitive advantage. To make real innovation and change fast enough in the new reality, we need to understand the next generation of employees and change the accessibility of management. Reality is that you today can facebook your idol and get a response. Consequently the new generation expects the same easy access to CEO’s. They do not understand the organizational hierarchy of communication gateways, the rituals of sweeping floors before they are admitted to participate in “the real job”. But they do want to play, create, share and learn. And by the way their parents feel the same. They are also sick of bureaucracy, slow changes, corporate politics, re-organizations and top-down change process. Knowing the next generation is what equips us to get a competitive advantage.

We help leaders:
• Understand the new generation of employees and customers
• Know how to attract, and excite employees with the new age mindset
• Engage employees in the new generation of development of products and services
• Get a competitive advantage by knowing the next generation

What we do...

Executive Coaching

Phone or online


  • Know Yourself
  • Lead Yourself
  • Design Your Life


Digital Strategy takes Digital Leadership


  • Explore Digital Leadership
  • Envision New Leadership
  • Implement Digital Leadership

Leadership programme

Classic & Digital Leadership


  • Lead Digital Changes
  • Upgrade to Millinial Leadership
  • Lead Yourself & Others


Leadership in A New World


  • Get to Know Next Generation
  • Get Inspired to Enter New Era
  • Get intro to Millennial Leadership

"Innovation is for everybody but somebody has to take charge"

Our team

Coremembers and experts in Lead Next Generation

We are Business Psychologists

• All consultants hold a Master’s degree in Psychology and are chartered by the Danish Supervisory Board of Psychological Practice.
• We have a primary focus on the psychological and sociological changes in an era with new technology and the rise of the Internet.
• We are specialized in leadership development, leading innovation, and organizational change processes.
• We have worked locally and globally in a wide range of industries and at all management levels enabling us to know how to involve and create engagement.
• We have written several articles, given interviews and appeared on TV as leadership and change experts.
• We recognize our core asset to be our experience working with many clients.
• We have a passion and are curious of understanding the human mind in organizations
• We strive relentlessly to bring leadership development and real organizational changes and we never settle for less.

Mirja Olesen
Mirja Olesen
Business Psychologist
Helle Dam Nielsen
Helle Dam Nielsen
Business Psychologist
Marika Tingleff
Marika Tingleff
Associate Partner
Business Psychologist
Line Halborg
Line Halborg
Associate Partner
Business Psychologist
Anne Albrecht
Anne Albrecht
Editor & Social Media Expert
Karen Liv Hansen
Karen Liv Hansen
Graphic Facilitator & Illustrator
Karen works primarily with visual arts and visual communications. The past ten years she has worked for schools, ministries and currently helps companies facilitate processes and visualize their core messages and strategies. She is educated Illustrator, Multimedia Designer and Cartoonist, and offers a wide range of expressions and styles while finding and creating the right looks for clients’ message and product.
Charlotte Stente
Charlotte Stente
Filmmaker & Cinematographer

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